Young Carers in Schools Award

award 2016 bronzeWe are extremely please to announce that we have been awarded the Young Carers in Schools Bronze Award.

The Young Carers in Schools programme, offers schools step-by-step guidance, practical tools and training opportunities to support pupils and students who have caring responsibilities. Schools are assessed and can be awarded a bronze, silver or gold award to recognise their work with young carers.
Led by Carers Trust and The Children’s Society's Young Carers in Focus partnership, Young Carers in Schools has been developed with teachers and school staff to make it as easy as possible for schools to support young carers and reward good practice.
Recent research carried out by Carers Trust and The Children's Society shows that, on average, young carers miss or cut short 48 school days a year and often have lower levels of self-confidence, mental wellbeing and significantly lower educational attainment at GCSE level, because of their caring role. Ofsted's School Inspection Handbook describes young carers as a particularly vulnerable group of pupils that schools should support. While some schools are doing this really well, others struggle and this causes real problems for young carers.
Matthew, 17, a young carer from Sheffield, points out the desperate need for the new programme: “I’d like the educational system to be more supportive of young carers. Once, I tried to ring my mum and the teacher took my phone… they don’t get it.”
More information about the Young Carers programme can be found HERE
yc bronze award

Mount Snowdon Climb

On the 21st of October somesnowden1 of YMCA community school climbed mount Snowdon in wales.

On the night before we sort of slept at the school I say sort of because no one really slept some people tried but other people were being loud. When we left at three in the morning there were a long coach ride ahead of us.

The bus ride was long and was a lot of effort there was two coaches one stopped for McDonalds on the way but the other one wasn’t so lucky.
When we got there we got ready to climb the mounting by getting changed into the clothes that we were climbing in. it was really foggy so there was a lot of slipping and people were already falling right at the start.

Some people were walking off because it was stressful and very frustrating. When we finally got halfway up we were already tired and our energy had been drained and some people started to fall back a little bit.

snowden2When we finally got to the top we were all happy because we got to go to the toilet in the cafe and some people got a cup of tea. we were also happy because we were told it would be quicker on the way down than the way up but we were lied to because it took just about the same time because we had to follow a really long pathway. Every time we got round the corner of the long pathway we were hoping that it would end but it would get longer and longer.

When we were on the way home most of us fell asleep on the coach. When we got back to the school we were picked up and taken home to our warm, lovely beds with nice food and a shower/bath.

Participents: Chloe Cleaver, Courtney Crisp, snowden3Caprice Jones, Connor Kavanagh, Chloe Louise, Chloe Partridge, Chris Passmore, Cammeron Stanley, Chay Witham, Declan o’ Rourke, Elizabeth Enderson, Harry Scott, Hannah Turner, Ky Large, Levi Bellfield, Liam Spearman, Morgan Davis, Mason Jenner, Mitchell Perry, Richard Watts, Toni Phair and the teachers…


Firebreak - Fire Education

Towards the end of last year most of our students took part in firebreak1Firebreak - Fire Education run by Essex County Fire & Rescue Service.

All students that took part achieved an AQA qualification in Community Firefighting Skills Training Course which ensures the student has:

Demonstrated the ability to

  1. Follow oral words of command during fire fighting exercises
  2. Take responsibility for carrying out mess duties on one day of the course
  3. Work as a member of a team to co-operatively complete three set tasks safely, ie use a hose, use a ladder, carry out a search and rescure exercisefirebreak2

Shown knowledge of

  1. The DR. ABC basic first aid checklist, ie Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation
  2. At least three safety issus when approaching road traffic accidents
  3. At least three consequences of fire-relates anti-social behaviour

About Firebreak

  • 5 day course carried out during the school term
  • Teaches you all about thefirebreak3 fire service and what we do.
  • You will be expected to do hose running, ladder pitching, pumping, breathing apparatus search and rescue, team building exercises, first aid, consequences of your actions and so much more.
  • Receive an AQA award
  • The final day of the course involves your pass out where you can demonstrate your skills to friends and family.