Mount Snowdon Climb

On the 21st of October somesnowden1 of YMCA community school climbed mount Snowdon in wales.

On the night before we sort of slept at the school I say sort of because no one really slept some people tried but other people were being loud. When we left at three in the morning there were a long coach ride ahead of us.

The bus ride was long and was a lot of effort there was two coaches one stopped for McDonalds on the way but the other one wasn’t so lucky.
When we got there we got ready to climb the mounting by getting changed into the clothes that we were climbing in. it was really foggy so there was a lot of slipping and people were already falling right at the start.

Some people were walking off because it was stressful and very frustrating. When we finally got halfway up we were already tired and our energy had been drained and some people started to fall back a little bit.

snowden2When we finally got to the top we were all happy because we got to go to the toilet in the cafe and some people got a cup of tea. we were also happy because we were told it would be quicker on the way down than the way up but we were lied to because it took just about the same time because we had to follow a really long pathway. Every time we got round the corner of the long pathway we were hoping that it would end but it would get longer and longer.

When we were on the way home most of us fell asleep on the coach. When we got back to the school we were picked up and taken home to our warm, lovely beds with nice food and a shower/bath.

Participents: Chloe Cleaver, Courtney Crisp, snowden3Caprice Jones, Connor Kavanagh, Chloe Louise, Chloe Partridge, Chris Passmore, Cammeron Stanley, Chay Witham, Declan o’ Rourke, Elizabeth Enderson, Harry Scott, Hannah Turner, Ky Large, Levi Bellfield, Liam Spearman, Morgan Davis, Mason Jenner, Mitchell Perry, Richard Watts, Toni Phair and the teachers…