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The Government has increased the age at which all young people are required to remain in some form of education to 18 years; this is known as Raising the Participation Age (RPA).  This is not about raising the school leaving age, our young people have a range of options as to how they can participate, and they can:

  • Remain in full time education, such as school and college
  • Undertake work-based learning, such as an Apprenticeship
  • Work part time for more than 20 hours whilst undertaking part time education or training

Our students are actively encouraged to plan for their futures and have aspirations.  Some students may have already decided on their chosen path and know exactly what they want to do, however, some may still be undecided and need a little bit of extra help.

Within school, students are given a wide range of education and information to support them which includes:

More information on RPA is available at:

The National Careers Service website makes it easy for both adults and young people to access information and advice about education, training and work. The website is at: Young people and parents can speak to an appropriately qualified adviser by contacting the helpline which is available seven days a week on 0800 100 900.

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