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Curriculum Offer

Currently we offer 5 accredited GCSE subjects that all count towards progress 8 measures. These subjects are English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, BTEC ICT (currently accredited until 2021) & Film Studies. Students also study the Princes Trust qualification. This provides a number of key life skills and develops the wider child in preparation for life outside of the classroom. Part of our school day is our Creative Enterprise lesson, which is placed at the end of every day. Here students get time to reflect on the day and something they can be proud of and an area they could improve on as tomorrow is always a new day and an opportunity to ’put it right’. The Creative Enterprise curriculum will be our creative offer to student where they get an element of choice on which sessions to attend. Throughout the week external visitors to the school will run drop in and compulsory sessions tackling safeguarding, county lines, student voice, local, national and international topics and much more.

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