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ExamBoardCurriculum Code/DescriptionDuration/detailDate
ICT PracticalCambridge0417/21 Document production2 hours 302nd April
ICT PracticalCambridge0417/31 Data Analysis2 hours 304th April
ICT TheoryCambridge0417/1 Theory2 hours0417/12 13th May
English LitAQA8702/1 Shakespeare & 19th C novel1 hr 45 min15th May pm
Mathematics 1AQA8300/1F (Non Calculator)1 hr 30 min21st May am
English LitAQA8702/2 Modern Texts and poetry2 hr 15 min23rd May am
English LangAQA8700/1 Creative Reading and Writing1 hr 45 min4th June am
Mathematics 2AQA8300/2F (Calculator)1 hr 30 min6th June am
English LangAQA8700/2 Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives1 hr 45 min7th June am
Film StudiesEduqasC670U10-1 Component 11 hr 30 min10th June am
Mathematics 2AQA8300/3F (Calculator)1 hr 30 min11 June am
Film StudiesEduqasC670U20-1 Component 21 hr 30 min14th June PM

AM start at 9.00am
PM start at 1.00pm (Film Studies – 14 June)

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