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Pupil Premium

Pupil premium is funding provided to schools which is additional to main school funding. It is allocated according to the number of students on-roll who are eligible for free school meals (FSM), ‘Looked After` (in care) and a smaller amount for the children of service personnel. Funding was extended to all students in receipt of FSM for the last six years in 2012.  Pupil Premium is to be used to help students from families as described above, primarily to raise the attainment and close the gap between these students and those not entitled to this support. Nationally these students achieve at a level significantly below those not entitled on all key indicators.

We aim to raise the aspirations of all of our disadvantaged students and build lives for the future.  We achieve this through addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of all students, including the disadvantaged.  Progress of all disadvantaged students is reviewed by the leadership team and teaching staff.  Personalized intervention to support the progress and wellbeing of disadvantaged students is carefully planned to ensure that it has a positive impact.

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