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The curriculum we plan to offer has been tailor made and is concentrated on the key foundations for learning and academic attainment. There will be a strong focus on the functional elements of English, maths and ICT, on developing the social skills and behaviours which are a prerequisite for learning.

We aim to build the sense of self DSC 0565 EDITworth and motivation of disempowered and hurt young people who have low expectations and may display self defeating behaviours. A broad curriculum will be achieved through incorporating sports, music, arts/media and cooking. We know from prior experience that these practical subjects have been positively received by young people, have enabled their creativity and self expression and have helped with their independent living skills.

For for details of of curriculum please see our Curriculum Plan in PDF version HERE.


  • English Language GCSE
  • English Literature GCSE
  • Maths GCSE
  • Film Studies GCSE
  • ECDL Euro Driving Licence GCSE
  • Prince's Trust Diploma 2 x GCSE
  • Media Certificate Level 1
  • Total 8 GCSE Level 2 Qualifications, 1 Level 1 Certificate
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